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Real Microcredit offers an intensive, in-house and remote microfinance internship programmes. At Real Microcredit, we strongly believe in our people being crucial to building transformative, sustainable and powerful businesses wherever we operate. Our internship programmes help interns emerge with a level of knowledge that is unparalleled among new entrants to the field, as it is designed to develop your practical business skills and kick-start your career. We go all out from sky to sea in order to source, attract, recruit, develop and retain the best talent. To this end, we are always giving our best to:

  • Providing a healthy professional environment that supports and rewards good performance.
  • Creating direct interaction with senior management and the opportunity to make a visible contribution to the organisation.
  • Expanding your horizon by introducing opportunities that will take your career to the next level.
  • Creating an inclusive community, which is driven by our core values such as integrity and accountability, in helping create a healthy balance between work and the personal lives of our workforce.
  • Ensuring adequate avenues to make a real difference with the work you do, challenge the status quo in different areas, and find new opportunities for innovation.

Real Microcredit Academy (IEF)

We reckon that the most relevant way to be ranked among the top-tier competitors in our industry and stay ahead is to repeatedly improve our most important asset – our people – to adapt to new and continually changing circumstances and developments. In commitment to this, in 2019 we set up the Institute of Economics and Finance (IEF) to continually train and develop our workforce and other professionals and postgraduate students, so they can continue to be on the world stage of the best professionals in the world.

Our dedicated instructors and facilitators are industry-focused academics who provide the competitive edge in the global job market and help to maintain a high level of competence in our workforce. IEF combines different learning methods ranging from e-learning to classroom and off-site training programmes, both locally and abroad. The institute also issues a certificate upon successful completion of its modules.

For further information about our Academy, visit https://ief.edu.gh


People and Culture

Our culture is defined by our core values. Our workplace offers you the opportunity to build relationships and partnerships. Our unique working environment offers the chance to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This breeds diversity and the platform to listen to and challenge each other’s ideas while unlocking gems to ensure everyone reaches their full potential.

Performance Management

Real Microcredit runs a robust goal-driven Performance Management System which measures each employee’s performance against carefully defined targets, their level of teamwork, and the organization’s performance. This also helps to create your personal growth plan. Aside measuring performance, we seek to help least-performing staff to get better on the job. We don’t leave anyone behind. It is one of our basic pillars which draws inspiration from what the US Army calls the Warrior Ethos: “I will never leave a fallen comrade.”

performance management
compensation and rewards

Compensation and Rewards

Real Microcredit strives to be among the top-tier industry competitor in terms of compensation, wherever it operates. We understand the powerful impact rewards can have in motivating role-model employees and teams, and thus, strive to provide monetary and non-monetary rewards accordingly.