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General Questions

You can access our personal loan for education, holiday, emergency needs, home redecoration, asset acquisition, rentals, and many more, if you are into full-time employment and have been with your current employer for at least 6 months.

You can access our business loan for the purpose of improving your cash flow in meeting your everyday business needs. Our business loan can also be accessed for the purpose of asset finance in buying equipments you mostly need without having to fall on your working capital. You should have trading history of at least 2 years to qualify for our business loan.

The rate of interest ranges from 6% to 10% per month on the principal, and this depends on many factors including the loan amount and the duration being requested.

Interest is charged on a flat-rate basis, meaning it is charged monthly on the principal over the loan duration.

The processing fee is 5% on the loan amount, and this is normally deducted from the loan disbursed. The processing fee is not charged if the loan is not approved or disbursed.

Yes. You would be responsible for transporting the loan officer/consultant for an inspection to your residence and office/business location and back.

You can apply for any of our loan products using the online application system with your login details after registering. You will receive a notification when your application is received and a decision is made.

While you can visit our office to begin the loan application process, you also have the opportunity to apply over the phone using our official lines from 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

The sanctioned loan depends on your monthly income and duration of the loan.

The duration for our loan ranges from 1 month to 12 months depending on the loan amount you want to borrow.

Our loan can be accessed within 48 hours of meeting all requirements including inspection and documentation.

You will need a guarantor if your level of security is not adequate enough to meet our requirements.

Yes. On the day of disbursement, you will need to visit the office with a witness to complete the final stage of the loan process.

Yes. We do group loan and it is available in all our business loan products.

No. We hope to consider auto/car loan in the near future.

We are currently not into mortgage financing.

Eligibility & Documentation

No. You can only access our personal loan if you have been confirmed by your employer upon completing your probationary period.

Personal loan applicants would need to provide postdated cheque(s) and personal movable assets as security.

Business loan applicants would need to make a cash deposit in addition to using part of their business inventory and/or personal movable assets as security.

Yes. We conduct credit checks on all eligible loan applicants.

After Approval

Yes. Our online application system will indicate the documents you need to provide including a valid ID and a passport photograph.

Upload all the requested documents using the online application system. For the purposes of verification and validation, you would be asked to bring the original documents to our office if your loan application is approved.

Yes. The witness would need to come along with a valid ID and a passport photograph.

After Disbursement

The loan can be repaid in our finance office, through mobile money or by direct payment into our bank account in the form of transfer, standing order, or deposit at any of our banker's branches.

Yes. There is a monthly penalty of 10% on any missed repayment amount.

You must make arrangement to settle your debt if you plan quitting your job.

Yes. You can pay off your outstanding debt before it matures without any prepayment penalty or hidden fee.

No. You will pay interest only for the duration in which the loan was active.