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Emmanuel Ekan Ntsri

In the year 2019 in June, I had an emergency and needed money to solve a pressing issue.

As I drove around Accra, I saw a billboard communicating 'Instant loans' to all salaried workers. At first thought, I was like how soon can this firm facilitate the money I needed due to the time I had on my side.

Notwithstanding, I placed a call to them per the contact provided. Immediately, a young man responded, and in a polite tone, furnished me with all the requirements needed to access the facility.

That same day I provided 90% of the requirements, though I quickly took a plan B as a provision. The next day, early morning, my residence was visited by the Credit Officer.

Surprisingly, the loan was disbursed the second day. What actually made the whole process so unique was the calm response I got from the CEO. He personally displayed unparalleled passion and kindness to me.

I must confess, Real Microcredit is one of the most reliable financial institutions for everyone’s needs.

Emmanuel Ekan Ntsri

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